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by on Jan.06, 2008, under Contributors, Entwined Studios, News, SnowyThing

Some of you saw the “Buy me a Dew” button that was floating around here for a while. Those who didn’t now see a Cell phone instead, and the heading of ‘Phone dying; need new one. Care to help?‘.

SnowyThing was the first person to donate any money to What’s That, Furcadia? back when I still had the ‘buy me a Dew’ button up; that was also before my phone decided to die.

I decided then that I wanted to make something special for people who donated to me because they’ve helped me out. A ‘Contributors’ category was made for anyone who donates. This is very similar to a sponsorship of sorts. If you donate, you get the following:

  • The Dar Seal of Approval which is more of a joke than anything, but I think it looks shiny.
  • Your name added to the contributors list.
  • An article all about you, your dream, or on a topic of your choosing*
  • A link to your site (or dream) added to a special “Contributors” page here on What’s That, Furcadia?
  • A very large thank you.
  • Donations can be of any amount, but to be fair to people, only donations of $5.00 or more will receive the perks mentioned above.
    Thank you all for your wonderful support!

    *Within reason. Certain restrictions apply, depending on content, idea, or personality. Subject to whimsy.

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