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Angel Blaze

by on Jul.26, 2008, under Artists, Artwork, Commissions Corner

Angel Blaze is a 25 year old woman who started drawing regularly about 3 years ago. In that span of time, she’s improved her artwork immeasurably.

Here you can see one of her earlier works:

An Early Showing of Angel's Talent

Here’s an example of one of her later pieces:

It also just happens to be my star sign, but that’s beside the point.

Her latest piece was done for Heavenly, and to be honest, it looks pretty amazing.

She’s also accepting commissions right now.

Below you can find her price list:

Non-remap ports – $5.
No Remapping Ports. Sorry!

Full Body Art:
Full coloured body images with background of choice (not Furcadia ports) – $15 starting rate. Price may rise depending on detail and size.
2 characters in one image -$20 starting rate, depending on size and detail.
Extra characters after 2 – $2 each.

Bust Pictures only. (Torso Up)
Head only (coloured, large) – $12

Sketches (Black and white image only) – $8.

Con badges – $10 (Can print and laminate them, customer pays postage.)

There are three slots available right now, so if you want a piece of art from her, better sign up soon.

You can find her deviantART site here.

Payment Methods are in Dragon Scales or Paypal, at your preference. Payments are made after the artwork is completed.

Seriously. Go commission her.

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by on Jun.29, 2008, under Artists, Artwork, Commissions Corner

Jorvik is a young woman full of talent. She’s been doing art since she could hold a pencil.

She’s also one of the older Furcadians running around, having joined back in 2001. That’s around the time DEP put out a big update, what some Older Furcadia Players call "NewFurc"

Currently she’s accepting commissions for her artwork; these come in various different flavours, and it all depends on what you want. She’s a UK citizen, but I’m breaking down her prices for you in USD. (You’ll want to use a service like XE.com to get the correct amount in Pounds.)

Digital Art
Furcadia Portraits – $12
Includes a background to your specifications. Flat rate for character numbers. (i.e there is no extra charge for more than one character)
Bust – $4
Full Body – $8
Includes a simple background to your specifications. More complex backgrounds will come at an extra cost. Your picture will be soft-shaded unless you specify otherwise.
Bust – $8Full Body – $15
Extra characters – $4 each
Complex background +$4
Traditional Art
The most basic commission. Comes without a background. Character numbers are flat rate.
Bust – $2
Full body – $4

You can see examples of her work at her deviantArt page, which also has her commission prices listed in Pounds. I suggest you swing by and see if she has something you’re interested in; I’ve already set up my order. #SD

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Article 100

by on Apr.15, 2008, under Artists, Commissions Corner, Contributors, Digos, Dragons Eye Productions, Dragonspeak, Emerald Flame, Entwined Studios, Kotramif Slikomif, KRAP, Mredria, News, Phoenix Speak, Proxies, Third Party Software

I’m allowed to giggle deliriously at myself, right?

This is What’s That, Furcadia’s 100th article. (Mredria Lulz in Peace was the 100th post!)

So, I figured I’d pull out all the stops and throw a bunch of crap at all of you, my loyal readers, because hey, that’s what I do. I throw things at you. Don’t like it? Tough. Take some of this. And that. AND THIS!

I think My brain is still broke from getting everything ready for this.

To commemorate the situation, I did a podcast. (I know; stop your cryin’. Babies.) It has a lot of neat content in it.

I figured I’d also let you all know that there’s a new website up called Kasuria’s Really Awesome Paper. KRAP is a poor attempt at mimicking The Muskrat and Randomism. It’ll update every Monday so you can start your week off right with a good and healthy amount of KRAP.

Creation Dragon loves KRAP!

If you’d like to help out and support Krap, you can send an e-mail to krap@entwinedstudios.com

For people who have a problem pasting DS Code into the Furcadia window, (I do!) I set up The DSBin for people to share and collaborate on DS Together. Hopefully Masons will find it helpful in getting Furres the help they need whenever they’re working on Tricky DS.

Anyone going to conventions, (at any time) might want to consider printing out several flyers or by perhaps taking a few of the conbadges Talzhemir cooked up. You could make your own based on Badge 5 and Badge 6 if you were wanting to, perhaps, hand out something similar to a business card so that people aren’t as likely to get rid of it. (Not as big or bulky).

Remember, if you’ve got any rumours or anything that you’d like debunked or supported, let me know. (Contact info is on the About Page.) I’ll go ahead and delve into any rumour you give me and let you know if it’s true, false, or similar to something else. If I get enough of them, I’ll turn it into a weekly thing.

FAB seems to be getting some decent use, which makes me happy. Make sure you swing by and take a look at the artwork that Mredria, Kotra, Sync and others have been doing!

Here’s a quick bit of information I picked up from Turquoise (Head Alt-Trading Guru) about Alt-Trading. She gave me valuable information about things like: why it’s done, how it’s done, prices, and other things.

Alt trading seems to be inspired by a general desire to be unique. Some people spend their time trading alts for the money. Others, however, do it for the unique names, and no amount of Dragon Scales, digos, or cold, hard cash would get those people to give up a specific alt name.

Alt trading started in rudimentary forms, (at least, in organized forms) in 2001. It started becoming popular in 2002. Now days, it seems that everyone is trying to get in on the Alt Trading Craze.

If you were looking to sell an alt, the first thing to remember is that it’s a buyer’s world, not a seller’s. Just because you want a certain price for an alt doesn’t mean you can demand it. If it’s not worth it to someone else, like everything else in life, you can’t sell it.

Most of the time it is unique, (or very special names) that go for the big money. Things such as IRL names, the names of Friends/Significant Others, Anime Characters, Colours and the like are where money tends to be.

Some of those names, (especially the really rare ones) come with a certain amount of prestige. They could also come with a certain amount of infamy, too.

There are lists of known scammers out there to avoid so that you don’t lose your money. In general, it’s a trust issue; after a while, you learn to pick out the ones you can trust and the ones you can’t . Much like police officers learn to do, I imagine.

A note of caution: Alt trading is still not supported by DEP. You cannot transfer ownership of characters at this time. Failure to use the system DEP is implementing at a later date will result in permanent loss of the character for both parties involved, plus whatever digos or scales were used in the purchase. Until then, it is a Buyer and Seller beware situation. Trade at your own risk.

And just for fun, I thought I’d let you all know that I can beat up a bunch of five year olds A bunch. Shayde En’Kiar can beat up more than me, though. Damn her.


Quick Edit: The Podcast is the purple and yellow thing just below this, alright? Click on it (the right side) and it’ll start to auto-play. You can also download the podcast to your computer using one of the links below. Thanks for listening/reading! Hope you’re here for article number 200!

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Commissions corner ~Mynty Freshness.

by on Feb.13, 2008, under Artists, Artwork, Commissions Corner

Another installment, this week we’re lookin’ at a blushin’ (Cute too boot,) bride-to-be.

Her ‘love’ is workin’ for the United States Air Force. She’s currently only accepting money through Paypal so she can help pay for certain things, (like her dress) for her wedding which is slated to be out on DVD sometime later this year. (Check your local stores.)

This demure girl does all sorts of different artwork. For a price, she’ll even do some for you. Here’s how she breaks down her pay-rate-for-work, in her own words:

    • Remappable Furcadia Portraits: $15
    • Nonremappable Furcadia Portraits: $10
    • Bust Image: $10 (includes shading and simple background)
    • Chibi Image: $15 (a miniature childish version of a character)
    • Full Body Image: $20 (Includes simple background and 1 character shaded, +5 for more detailed background, +10 for 1 extra character, $5 for any others after that)
    • Oh and Character Reference Sheets: $20 (front pose and miniature remap version, +$3 per extra details ex: back views, close-ups, etc.)

You can see examples of her work by clicking this link. Or, if you’re feeling gutsy, (or want to see her portrait art,) you can always click this link here instead. Either way, I think her art is swell, (and I’m sure she just blushes in the cutest of ways when she’s flattered,) so go ahead and drop some money into her pocket. She’ll take care of your port pretty fast, (general time is about 3 hours for one she informs me,) and she’ll probably throw in some gratuitous laughing out loud to make the journey together a fun one.

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Commissions Corner

by on Feb.09, 2008, under Commissions Corner, Entwined Studios, News

Commissions Corner is a new feature on What’s That, Furcadia?.

We’re looking at helping artists, dreamweavers, story writers and continuity creators looking to get an edge in on commissions. There are various different types of people out there, both well known and unknown that deserve commissions. What’s That, Furcadia? is striving to expand the market by giving everyone a free chance at getting decent commissions from people.

The first spotlight is from Luvable.

She’s a dreamweaver looking for commissions from Furcadia players.

She’s best at weaving small villages/thorps/hamlets, but enjoys branching out into the area of Large homes/Castles/Manors and the like. She can do modern ships and towns, as well, but prefers to stick with oriental and medieval style dreams; in her words, "It’s what I’m best at!".

She’ll add in custom patches, (drawn by her!) for a small additional charge, depending on the complexity.

The price for a dream ranges between 6 and 9 dollars/dragonscales. She willingly accepts accepts portrait spaces too. For more complex dreams, you’ll need to contact her directly for a specific quote.

For an example of one dream she has done, you can go here.

If you’d like to contact her about getting a commission done, you may contact her in-game on the name Luvable, via e-mail at grace_bladeangel@hotmail.com, or you can drop her a note on her deviantART page.

If you know of an artist, dreamweaver, story writer, continuity editor, or anyone else looking for commissions on Furcadia that you’d like to see featured here on Commissions Corner, drop me an e-mail with their contact information!

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