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by on Jun.29, 2008, under Artists, Artwork, Commissions Corner

Jorvik is a young woman full of talent. She’s been doing art since she could hold a pencil.

She’s also one of the older Furcadians running around, having joined back in 2001. That’s around the time DEP put out a big update, what some Older Furcadia Players call "NewFurc"

Currently she’s accepting commissions for her artwork; these come in various different flavours, and it all depends on what you want. She’s a UK citizen, but I’m breaking down her prices for you in USD. (You’ll want to use a service like XE.com to get the correct amount in Pounds.)

Digital Art
Furcadia Portraits – $12
Includes a background to your specifications. Flat rate for character numbers. (i.e there is no extra charge for more than one character)
Bust – $4
Full Body – $8
Includes a simple background to your specifications. More complex backgrounds will come at an extra cost. Your picture will be soft-shaded unless you specify otherwise.
Bust – $8Full Body – $15
Extra characters – $4 each
Complex background +$4
Traditional Art
The most basic commission. Comes without a background. Character numbers are flat rate.
Bust – $2
Full body – $4

You can see examples of her work at her deviantArt page, which also has her commission prices listed in Pounds. I suggest you swing by and see if she has something you’re interested in; I’ve already set up my order. #SD

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Something Everyone should hear

by on Jun.22, 2008, under News

An important announcement about the threats to the spoon campaign.

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Plight of the Spoons.

by on Jun.21, 2008, under News

A Public Service Announcement.

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by on Jun.21, 2008, under Entwined Studios

This is important. Listen up, peeps.

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by on Jun.09, 2008, under Beekins, Dragons Eye Productions, Dragonspeak, News, Phoenix Speak, Roleplay

Yeah, I haven’t posted in a while, but that’s because I’ve been busy doing IRL things. Like working.

I do have something to tell you all about though, and it’s pretty neat.

The Scribes haven’t been idly sitting around with their thumbs in their ears, waiting for someone to kick them into action. Apparently, with Emerald Flame at the head, they’ve been developing several new pages for the Furcadia Website aimed at helping new (and old) players get more out of the game. Here’s a brief list of what they’ve been working on:

A new series of Help Pages, including instructions on how to get help.

A glossary of terms.

A press page, (for press releases, I would imagine.)

A Dragon’s Eye Productions Page. (About the company itself.)

A page about chatting in Furcadia.

A page about Roleplaying.

A page about creating new things for Furcadia, possibly including tutorials.

A page about places you can explore and possible things you might find therein.

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