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Yeah, I haven’t posted in a while, but that’s because I’ve been busy doing IRL things. Like working.

I do have something to tell you all about though, and it’s pretty neat.

The Scribes haven’t been idly sitting around with their thumbs in their ears, waiting for someone to kick them into action. Apparently, with Emerald Flame at the head, they’ve been developing several new pages for the Furcadia Website aimed at helping new (and old) players get more out of the game. Here’s a brief list of what they’ve been working on:

A new series of Help Pages, including instructions on how to get help.

A glossary of terms.

A press page, (for press releases, I would imagine.)

A Dragon’s Eye Productions Page. (About the company itself.)

A page about chatting in Furcadia.

A page about Roleplaying.

A page about creating new things for Furcadia, possibly including tutorials.

A page about places you can explore and possible things you might find therein.

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They’ve got what?

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I bet there’s a lot of stuff about Furcadia I don’t know. I bet there’s a lot you don’t know. Even Felorin doesn’t know everything. #SD


What I do know is that there’s a lot of useful stuff, (for people that, you know, like Furcadia) to use to help out their guilds, promote their websites, promote Furcadia, and more.


I’ve compiled a list of useful links for the hidden gems hidden on Furcadia.com. Take a moment to peruse them, (and the description!) and see if they might be able to help you out.


Source: Link.

These are some dreams that you could use to learn how to dreamweave. One of the links doesn’t work, so I went through my archive of personal information and drudged up the file that the link directs you too; you can get that here.


Sourc: Link

There’s some artwork here that you might find worth perusing. It was done, mostly, by Talzhemir. There’re some links there that lead to other websites that might be of interest.


Source: Link

This is a place for software developers, (and those who make software) to have their software linked to by Furcadia. There’s a submission form for those coders. The submission guidelines are at the bottom of the page.

Local Directory

Source: Link

This tells you how to install Furcadia onto a thumb drive so you can take it with you from computer to computer.

Community Calendar

Source: Link

You can announce your personal news for guilds and other such things on this. Primarily for events and such. You can also see what everyone else is doing and steal their ideas! (Okay, that would be dishonest.)


Source: Link

This is a place for you to get special short-codes to add to your description so that people will know information about you. This includes what kind of RP you’re into, some personality information, and a little info on Furcadia-related hobbies. Instructions on how to use them are a bit outdated, so keep that in mind. (Replace "Notepad" with "Fur Editor" and you should be grand. #SD)


Source: Link

These are ways to, (again) shorten information that you reveal to people in your description. Using these can really help get you into the spirit of roleplaying; toss one out occasionally while roleplaying in the Dragonlands to add additional depth to your character.


Source: Link

This is a list of various fun things that you can look over/do while playing (or not playing) Furcadia.


Source: Link

This is a tool that will allow you to show people, (via your website) whether or not you’re online. You can use this to help show that your Bot is online, for example, so that people will know your Dream is up!


Source: Link

The E-Cards are a way for you to show someone that you care. These’ve been made, (at least some of them) in Furcadia’s contests in the past. Maybe they’ll come around again for Halloween or something. #SD At any rate, you can use these to show someone that you’re thinkin’ about’em.


Source: Link

Want to announce your Guild’s event to every active player? Got a cool new website that you’d like to tell everyone about? This is the place to do it; just keep it Furcadia related. (Events, I’m told, are welcome!)


Source: Link

If you’d like to help Furcadia out, there are a lot of flyers here that you can use in order to help spread the word.

Well, there you have it. Some stuff on Furcadia that most of the vets knew, none of the newbs knew, and everyone in between knew some of. Remember to thank the Scribes, (mostly ReiJin) for their hard work in keeping this stuff running!

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Human avatars

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Original posting can be found in this thread.

First, adding ‘humans’ would not make Furcadia a clone of WoW any more than it would make it a clone of Deal or No Deal. They’re not the same thing, they’re barely in the same Genre.

Furcadia, as Felorin has said numerous times here on the forums, is not about furry. It’s about user created content.
Anthropomorphism is all about being /like/ a human. By the way, Humans are animals too, in case you all weren’t aware, so saying, ‘it’s all about animals’ is kinda silly.

The thing a lot of people overlook insofar as Furcadia is concerned is that The game is pretty much unique insofar as other games go. I don’t, for example, get the same feel from a game like Second Life or World of Warcraft that I do from Furcadia.

People aren’t claiming that this 1 avatar will make-or-break their Furcadia experience, so please stop telling them to GTFO for wanting to play a human, and stop trying to act like it would flat out destroy the game entirely; it would do neither, just like every update hasn’t done so.

Anybody remember how many people were complaining and moaning about how much Gendered avatars were going to ruin Furcadia? Or how about Feral avatars ruining Furcadia?

Seems Furcadia’s still standing to me, and both of those were huge milestones that Furcadia overcame that a lot of players wanted, and a lot of players didn’t. A lot of both sides are still around.

The avatars aren’t Furcadia’s biggest draw to keep players around anyway. It’s the community and dreams that do it. The addition of a human avatar wouldn’t change either of those dynamically.

If DEP does offer one, (which I’m sure they will in the future; I’d almost bank on it,) it will 98.8% likely be a pay-for ‘seasonal’ avatar. Why? Because they aren’t in-cannon. For private dreams, you can turn those off, so it won’t mess up continuity. It’ll make Furcadia a lot of money; that’ll allow’em to add in more features.

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Oh, yeah, Furcadia.

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I know I’ve been writing a -lot- about what all I’ve been doin’ for the site here and haven’t really written much about what’s going on with Furcadia.

Well, suffice it to say there are two stories brewin’ on the horizon about Furcadia.

I’m also going to start ‘ranting’ about some of the stuff I dislike on Furcadia. Not really about the company, (Don’t want to bite the hand that feeds necessarily,) but there might be some things that creep in from time to time.

As for Furcadia itself, the update didn’t happen yesterday, as I’m sure you noticed. Why?

The new client has a lot of bugs left. For those of you keeping count, the number of days left until the server -has- to move is 3. Feb 2nd is the day it has to be done by.

That said, they’ve been adding things to the client still. This latest RC has remapping Digo Buttons, so they appear dressed in your colours. I thought that was pretty cool. The phoenix glamour looks kinda neat, but it’ll wear down after time, I’m sure.

I got to test out the Live Dream Editing, and while still buggy, it’s a lot of fun to play with, just like client-side animations.

The butler is now a button, too, so it’ll be easier to modify skins using him. Your skins might (will) break with this addition, so be prepared to fix it.

There’s a test mode coming out. 15 minutes to muck around inside a dream that goes beyond your normal limits. Then you get kicked out. Should be enough time to fix some of the more pesky issues and let you see how a bigger map and such works.

All in all, it’s shaping up to be pretty nice if they can get the kinks out in the next few days. The kinks seem to mostly do with the way the client is rendering things, though, so it shouldn’t be too hard to fix.

By the way, there are some slight issues with Furnarchy in the update; I’ve given it a test and passed along the information to the programmer. Hopefully a fix will come out shortly after the update. As it is, the proxy is more than usable without any tricks or spoofs, so everything should be fine. The issues revolve mostly around memlocs.

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Update Stuff!

by on Jan.26, 2008, under Artists, Artwork, Digos, Dragons Eye Productions, Dragonspeak, Furrums, News, Roleplay

I can’t go into great detail about the new information, but here’s what I’ve got for you all. It’s after the jump and for registered members only. Sorry!

(continue reading…)

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