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WFMA- Contestants? Start your engines!

by on Feb.09, 2008, under Artists, Artwork, Digos, Location, News, Private Dreams

This is a Press Release from the creators/owners of WFMA-Radio station. To check out their site, click here.

Horray! The writing contest has finally begun!
Setting: The article/ poem/ story (etc) must be set in Furcadia – Or the main characters must somehow end up in this land.
= Genre: What ever you like – I’ve always liked comedy but Admins are not the judges 😉
= Length: No longer than 1000 words. (Or at least – not too much longer)
= Format: You can speak it and send it as a sound clip, You can video it and send it or you can type it and send. Any format, Basically.
Send all entries to admin@wfma-radio.com
Subject: Writing contest – (your name)
A Few pre-set and perminant rules:
– Staff of WFMA may enter material but can not win.
– There are no restictions on the number of entries
– There are no restrictions on the content unless otherwise stated in the contest description
– ‘Adult’ Material may be enterred but might not be made public – To the discression of the Admins.
– Prizes vary – you’ll be alerted of any possible changes in the contest description
– We do not accept bribes
– All judging is done by people who are not players of furcadia then finalised and discussed by Admins. this means that sucking up wont do you any favours.
– All donations made to the alt ‘WFMA Radio’ will be added to the prize of the contest that is running at that point. Otherwise it will be used for on-air contests such as Trivia contests, Caption contests, Criptic Code contests etc.
Prizes: (The part you -really- care about)
Ferian Foxen
5 GD
And an art choice:
Either 2 Digitally drawn pictures made to your specifications
1 highly detailed digital drawing made to your specifications.
The artist is incredibly skilled and well known and will be names when the contest ends.
The drawings will be quite large, I’m informed.
The contest is currently set to run for around one month but that time may be extended.

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The Poll

by on Jan.13, 2008, under Artists, Artwork, Dragons Eye Productions, Dragonspeak, News, Phoenix Speak, Private Dreams, Talzhemir

A little background info on the poll:

In Artist’s Alley, (a dream ran by Talzhemir) you can find some people to make stuff for your dreams, (From ports to code, they do it all.)

The thing is, if you say a URL, you’ll get ejected. The reason for this is to keep outlandish Spamvertisers®  from running through the dream, linking to their stuff.

This creates a problem with people who would like to share their work to people who ask; they’re forced to whisper their links to clients. Not a lot of trouble, but trouble all the same.

So the poll is to find out if people think the extra precautions are necessary; leave your thoughts for Talzhemir here if you have any on the subject.

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by on Dec.07, 2007, under Artists, Dragons Eye Productions, Location, News, Private Dreams, Roleplay, Talzhemir

I wanted to share with everyone a new tool that Talzhemir has been working on for Roleplayers. It’s called Oracle. It isn’t meant to revolutionize or change the way you approach roleplaying; there’s something in there for everyone.
However, it is meant to help facilitate roleplay seamlessly into a group of players. Behind the cut below there is a lot of information, (the entire class Talzhemir gives out) on how to use Oracle. Some of it won’t make a lot of sense; it’s best to catch her on Furcadia when she’s about to give a class so you can get whatever information you need form her directly.

The oracle project started earlier this year in March. Talzhemir was working on the first draft of “Furre!” and was nearly completed and ready to publish. It has all the usual accouterments that one would expect of a paper-and-pencil RPG: Armor, Hit Points, weapon types and special abilities.

While showing some roleplayers everything she’d come up with, Talzhemir came across an interesting problem:

I was showing some RPers the game mechanics, and the reaction was, “That’s nice; somebody will probably like it, but we’ve got much more important problems, Talz!” More important than whether or not that sword or that spell kills you…??? I took a few steps back and started to question the entire RPG paradigm that Gary Gygax & Co. spawned out of the historical wargaming miniatures hobby: an obsession with hitpoints and armor class and weapon size and special abilities that every major computerized multiplayer online game still follows. And it dawned on me that none of them really felt like being somebody else. They feel like puppeteering a robot paper-doll in an enormous boardless boardgame. You feed it, you put a bandaid on its knee when it gets hurt, you dress it up, and you pick it up by the neck and shake it to play nice with the other orcs and elves. It’s not you.

She went on to talk about how the Arbiter is an analogous persona inside the system that works similar to a GM, in the fact that they help settle disputes. They’re different, however, insofar as they don’t have to spend hours crafting out an adventure that the players are going to go through. That kind of GM is getting pretty rare, in her opinion.
Instead, the Arbiter is able to play in the game with the other players. The only time they use their ‘power’ is when there’s a question that needs to be answered. That way, there is no real power for them to abuse. Situations such as “if a woman is pregnant” are the types that Arbiter’s are meant to help with.

The entire interview is posted behind the cut if you’re interested in reading it, along with a copy of one of Talzhemir’s classes.

(continue reading…)

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Banish – An illegal command?

by on Sep.14, 2007, under Dragons Eye Productions, Private Dreams

On October 17, 2006 Emerald Flame made an announcement about the Banish Command finally being implemented:

We are happy to announce that the long awaited, and much asked for, banish command was released in Furcadia today. This command will allow dream owners to keep players and their alts out of their dreams and makes it impossible for them to return! Yay!!! 🙂 You can banish any player causing you a problem as long as they are online. Once you banish someone, they will be banished from any dream that alt uploads. To clarify, this means that once you banish a name, they and all of their alts cannot get in any dream you upload even after you restart the dream. You must take them off your banish list for them to be able to enter. We highly recommend that you put those you have banished to your perm ignore list.


Before this command was implemented, the only way to keep an annoying pest out of your dream was to add the following DS to your dream, (or a slight variation thereof):

(0:9) When a furre arrives in the dream,
(1:70) and their name is {…},
(5:78) eject the triggering furre.

The banish command took care of those annoying individuals who harass dreams on various alternate characters.

This command, (and the DS previously mentioned,) is a direct violation of the Furcadia user agreement however:

7. You may not prevent other players from entering dreams or accessing areas on main maps, regardless of the means used to do so.

So, by blocking someone from entering your dream, (by banishing them, or, in turn, ejecting them when they enter) you are, in effect, breaking the User Agreement you’ve agreed too. By doing so, you open yourself up to reprimand by Dragon’s Eye Productions for breeching this agreement.

What’s worse is they give you a specific tool for breeching this agreement.

Obviously you shouldn’t allow yourself to be harassed by players. Instead, make it a priority to have Dragon’s Eye Productions change this particular ‘rule’ to allow banishment and ejection.

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