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Power Supply Meltdown

by on Dec.07, 2007, under Artists, Artwork, Digos, Dragons Eye Productions, Emerald Flame, Felorin, Gar, News, Roleplay

Recently Dragon’s Eye Production’s has had some… problems.

According to Emerald Flame, three power supplies went out on three computers in as many days at DEP HQ recently. Felorin’s, Gar’s, and Leah’s all failed or had something else happen to them.

Emerald Flame:
Gar’s computer made a cool wind up sound and a large *pop* and sparks and smoke came out the back

Gar was actually in the middle of doing graphics for some of the new items up for sale on the Digo Market. Unfortunately, because the computer he is currently using doesn’t run Photoshop very well, they are still graphic-handicapped.

Seasons Greetings
Throwable Snowballs
Candy Canes
A hot “Cuppa”

I have no idea what the hell a hot “Cuppa” is, unless they’re trying to say it’s a hot cup of cocoa or coffee. It doesn’t really roll off of my tongue well, but that’s my personal opinion. There are also some flower arrangements available that seem more like they belong with a “spring” kind of sale, but…
(Well, it is summer down in the southern hemisphere…)

Some of you might notice that the Digo Market has been changing a little bit. That’s to better facilitate customers, and offer a new category for people to order from. Unfortunately, Gar was doing the work on the site when his computer decided to kill itself.

I wonder how a psychologist would interpret that… (Just kidding, Gar.)

Felorin and sanctimonious attended this year’s “Austin Independent Game Conference. It revolved around helping indie games, (such as Furcadia) manage to become successful. Emerald Flame told me that Felorin was a guest Speaker for “Project Horseshoe” at this conference.

Slated for the next update, (hopefully) should be accounts. With accounts will come things like Character Pages and (possibly) legit alt trading for those who like to trade their alts around a lot.

Edit: It has come to our attention that sometime yesterday Gar’s PC stumbled upon another failure, this one of the Hard Disk Drive failure variety.

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