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Shake DS currently doesn’t work with the following line of DS:

3:1) everywhere on the whole map,

Felorin is said to be working on a fix for it.

Also, to use the Shake DS for all furres present, you must have an area clause, such as:

(3:8) everyplace that the triggering furre can see,

Furnarchy 2 has updated to be compliant with the latest update. There were a few minor changes that were requested by a few people, but nothing major.

This info is thanks to Kedessa, who bugged Felorin about it until his head popped off.

If you’d like to keep people off of a specific spot in your dream, (That spot you really like to sit in, perhaps?) you can use this code:

(0:70) When a furre idles (doesn’t do ANYTHING) for 1 seconds,
(1:170) and the triggering furre’s name is not {furrename},
(3:2) at position (x,y) on the map,
(5:15) move the triggering furre to (x,y), or to someplace nearby if it’s occupied.

The new DS parameters, (and the corresponding numbers that are needed to use them,) are:

(5:420) Shake the triggering furre’s map in style #, for # tenths of a second, with speed # and intensity #.
(5:421) Shake the map of any furre present in style #, for # tenths of a second, with speed # and intensity #.

Style 1 = Earthquake (random)
Style 2 = Pingpong (side to side)
Style 3 = Bounce (up and down)
Style 4 = Swirly (clockwise)
Style 5 = Whirly (counterclockwise)

Speed and Intensity both range from 1 to 32.
(1:340) and the triggering furre is species #,
(1:440) and the triggering furre is not species #,

Species 1 = Rodent
Species 2 = Equine
Species 3 = Feline
Species 4 = Canine
Species 5 = Musteline
Species 6 = Lapine
Species 7 = Squirrel
Species 8 = Bovine
Species 9 = Ursine
Species 102 = Dragon
Species 103 = Phoenix
Species 104 = Gryffe
Species 105 = Kiwi
Species 106 = Kitterwing
Species 107 = Ferian Wolven
Species 108 = Ferian Tygard
Species 109 = Ferian Leonen
Species 110 = Werewolf
Species 111 = Penguin
Species 112 = Bat
(1:34) and the triggering furre is wearing wings type #,
(1:134) and the triggering furre is not wearing wings type #,

Type 0 = No wings at all.
Type 1 = Classic Wings.
Type 2 = Tricolored Wings.
Type 3 = Butterfly Wings.
Type 4 = Batwings.
Type 5 = Prime Wings.

These new lines of DS should help make dragonspeak much easier to work with for experienced Dreamweavers.

A new feature that is going to be added to What’s That, Furcadia? will be a tutorial section. We’re going to be adding tutorials, (slowly) for players to use at their own free will.

If you have a tutorial you’d like us to showcase, please, send it in. You can find the appropriate E-Mail information on the ‘contact’ page.

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