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Furcadia hits a local paper.

by on Mar.31, 2008, under Dragons Eye Productions

If only briefly.

Tia, the drunk hobo who is stuck in Naia because she’s lost sent this along today for me to share with trustworthy readers.

I think that means you.

However, the counter-argument is that Mandaliet, (he’s that guy that does stuff that I mentioned that one time.) thinks this isn’t particularly news worthy because it mentions Furcadia only once.

Well, that might be, but I figured I’d go along with fostering a sense of Community in Kansas State University for those Furcadians who happen to go there for education.

Tia also attends KSU; so if you see her, say “Hi”. Also tell her Damadar says, “‘sup Girly?”

Peace out.

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Quick Update

by on Mar.23, 2008, under Digos, Dragons Eye Productions, Furrums

Furcadia’s doin’ a lot of stuff. Most of it is so horrendous that I’ll leave you to discover it yourself. (That, or I’m too lazy to write about it. Your choice.)

I will, however, tell you about this new service Furcadia tossed up a little while back while I was missing. (I’m still missing, btw.)

It’s all about controlling your Desctags. Non-Standard desctags can be turned on and off in this area. (Regular desctags still use the normal commands.)

I’ve heard rumours of a raffle in the future, too…

Stay tuned.

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Damadar is missing!

by on Mar.16, 2008, under News

Damadar, (that’s me) has gone missing. (Oh Noez!) Don’t worry too much; I’ve never yet been missing forever. In case you find me, though, please drop me a line at this address.

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I’m highly intrigued.

by on Mar.10, 2008, under Entwined Studios

Someone who uses myspace linked to me in this blog.

Thing is, I have no idea who it is.

So, my dangerous little dancing minions, if you could inform me of who this person is, (if you know) or direct others to find out, I’d be happy. Knowing what they said would be bonus.

Oh, and if you own the blog, you’re always welcome to, like, you know, inform me yourself. Thanks.

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They’ve got what?

by on Mar.06, 2008, under Artists, Artwork, Dragons Eye Productions, News, Roleplay

I bet there’s a lot of stuff about Furcadia I don’t know. I bet there’s a lot you don’t know. Even Felorin doesn’t know everything. #SD


What I do know is that there’s a lot of useful stuff, (for people that, you know, like Furcadia) to use to help out their guilds, promote their websites, promote Furcadia, and more.


I’ve compiled a list of useful links for the hidden gems hidden on Furcadia.com. Take a moment to peruse them, (and the description!) and see if they might be able to help you out.


Source: Link.

These are some dreams that you could use to learn how to dreamweave. One of the links doesn’t work, so I went through my archive of personal information and drudged up the file that the link directs you too; you can get that here.


Sourc: Link

There’s some artwork here that you might find worth perusing. It was done, mostly, by Talzhemir. There’re some links there that lead to other websites that might be of interest.


Source: Link

This is a place for software developers, (and those who make software) to have their software linked to by Furcadia. There’s a submission form for those coders. The submission guidelines are at the bottom of the page.

Local Directory

Source: Link

This tells you how to install Furcadia onto a thumb drive so you can take it with you from computer to computer.

Community Calendar

Source: Link

You can announce your personal news for guilds and other such things on this. Primarily for events and such. You can also see what everyone else is doing and steal their ideas! (Okay, that would be dishonest.)


Source: Link

This is a place for you to get special short-codes to add to your description so that people will know information about you. This includes what kind of RP you’re into, some personality information, and a little info on Furcadia-related hobbies. Instructions on how to use them are a bit outdated, so keep that in mind. (Replace "Notepad" with "Fur Editor" and you should be grand. #SD)


Source: Link

These are ways to, (again) shorten information that you reveal to people in your description. Using these can really help get you into the spirit of roleplaying; toss one out occasionally while roleplaying in the Dragonlands to add additional depth to your character.


Source: Link

This is a list of various fun things that you can look over/do while playing (or not playing) Furcadia.


Source: Link

This is a tool that will allow you to show people, (via your website) whether or not you’re online. You can use this to help show that your Bot is online, for example, so that people will know your Dream is up!


Source: Link

The E-Cards are a way for you to show someone that you care. These’ve been made, (at least some of them) in Furcadia’s contests in the past. Maybe they’ll come around again for Halloween or something. #SD At any rate, you can use these to show someone that you’re thinkin’ about’em.


Source: Link

Want to announce your Guild’s event to every active player? Got a cool new website that you’d like to tell everyone about? This is the place to do it; just keep it Furcadia related. (Events, I’m told, are welcome!)


Source: Link

If you’d like to help Furcadia out, there are a lot of flyers here that you can use in order to help spread the word.

Well, there you have it. Some stuff on Furcadia that most of the vets knew, none of the newbs knew, and everyone in between knew some of. Remember to thank the Scribes, (mostly ReiJin) for their hard work in keeping this stuff running!

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