What's that, Furcadia?

Oh, yeah, Furcadia.

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I know I’ve been writing a -lot- about what all I’ve been doin’ for the site here and haven’t really written much about what’s going on with Furcadia.

Well, suffice it to say there are two stories brewin’ on the horizon about Furcadia.

I’m also going to start ‘ranting’ about some of the stuff I dislike on Furcadia. Not really about the company, (Don’t want to bite the hand that feeds necessarily,) but there might be some things that creep in from time to time.

As for Furcadia itself, the update didn’t happen yesterday, as I’m sure you noticed. Why?

The new client has a lot of bugs left. For those of you keeping count, the number of days left until the server -has- to move is 3. Feb 2nd is the day it has to be done by.

That said, they’ve been adding things to the client still. This latest RC has remapping Digo Buttons, so they appear dressed in your colours. I thought that was pretty cool. The phoenix glamour looks kinda neat, but it’ll wear down after time, I’m sure.

I got to test out the Live Dream Editing, and while still buggy, it’s a lot of fun to play with, just like client-side animations.

The butler is now a button, too, so it’ll be easier to modify skins using him. Your skins might (will) break with this addition, so be prepared to fix it.

There’s a test mode coming out. 15 minutes to muck around inside a dream that goes beyond your normal limits. Then you get kicked out. Should be enough time to fix some of the more pesky issues and let you see how a bigger map and such works.

All in all, it’s shaping up to be pretty nice if they can get the kinks out in the next few days. The kinks seem to mostly do with the way the client is rendering things, though, so it shouldn’t be too hard to fix.

By the way, there are some slight issues with Furnarchy in the update; I’ve given it a test and passed along the information to the programmer. Hopefully a fix will come out shortly after the update. As it is, the proxy is more than usable without any tricks or spoofs, so everything should be fine. The issues revolve mostly around memlocs.

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