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Fox Update

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Been scrounging around for news on the latest update? Here’s a rundown of the newest features.

While you’re reading them, you could load this image to look at; it’s coming in the update too.

New avatars are including a Unicorn with wings. It was done by Tiggerbaby; (you’ll remember her work from the bears and the kitterwing.) It might have sparkles using the particle engine that DEP was talking about implementing a while back for certain kinds of animations, which would be cool.

There’s a Fox Ferian coming, which is where the update will get part of it’s name, probably. It’s going to be called the ‘foxen’, and it was done by Kaelin’yFiae.

Got some furlings coming out, (done by Talzhemir) in the form of a male and female kit. These won’t be allowed in FurN, and there’s a possibility that they won’t be allowed in Hawthorn either.

The valentine’s day sale avatar will be a chinchilla. If you’ve hung out with Talzhemir, you’ve seen these avatars before. They’re pretty cute.

Portrait art was done mostly by Talzhemir.

Penguin for Life and Kiwi for Life desctags should be out with this update as well.

For those of you, (like me,) hoping to have a ‘test’ feature for dreams… it might be coming soon. (Might be.) DEP says it is a legitimate concern and they’d like to help out.

New DS is probably going to be relegated to the Group Packages only, (Which might be as low as $3 or $5 a month for the cheapest non-free package.) PhoenixSpeak probably won’t be getting an upgrade immediately either. Strings are being looked at for additions in the future, however, for both DS and PS.

Most developers shouldn’t have to worry about this update; aside from the new FOX format, (Furcadia Object Extended) and the new dreamweaving options, everything should work fine as is, according to DEP. Proxies like Furnarchy, (or other very complex proxies) might have issues with the new way objects and floors are being done, but it should be an easy fix.

The move looks like it’s slated for the end of January; hopefully within the next week or so.

Sneak peak at the chinchilla avatar; this won’t be how they look final-draft, I’m sure.

So, that completes the update info, except for those of you who are registered. If you log in, you’ll be able to see the one last bit of really cool information that might be going in on this update. (There’s no guarantee, though.)

[Are_PayPal_LoginPlease]Keep it on the Down low, but there might just be live dream editing coming in with the update. Might. There’s no real confirmation of it yet, and as last I heard it was only very, very roughly done, but it might manage to sneak into this update![/Are_PayPal_LoginPlease]

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  • mredria

    The chinchillas are so adorable!
    Want to.. devour them.

  • Jacki Tomodachi Satori

    I cant wait for the new update to be ready. ^^ I’ve been waiting for it ever since they were first posted on the forums. ^^ I just cant wait to see how adorable the Chinchillas will be, and i cant wait to see the Unicorn with wings and Foxens! X3

  • Cerena

    *gasp* Chinchillas?! Oh… my… gosh! I can’t wait until they are released! Most definitely getting one! Thanks for the information!

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