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by on Jan.13, 2008, under Artists, Artwork, Dragons Eye Productions, Dragonspeak, News, Phoenix Speak, Private Dreams, Talzhemir

A little background info on the poll:

In Artist’s Alley, (a dream ran by Talzhemir) you can find some people to make stuff for your dreams, (From ports to code, they do it all.)

The thing is, if you say a URL, you’ll get ejected. The reason for this is to keep outlandish SpamvertisersĀ®Ā  from running through the dream, linking to their stuff.

This creates a problem with people who would like to share their work to people who ask; they’re forced to whisper their links to clients. Not a lot of trouble, but trouble all the same.

So the poll is to find out if people think the extra precautions are necessary; leave your thoughts for Talzhemir here if you have any on the subject.

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  • Kotramif Slikomif

    perhaps there could be a DS/PS setup where the person will only be ejected for saying a URL if they haven’t been in the dream for a certain number of seconds. That would prevent people from saying a URL just after they enter the dream. Here’s a basic way to do it:

    (0:9) When a furre arrives in the dream,
    (5:600) memorize that the PhoenixSpeak info {allowURLs} about the triggering furre will now be 0.

    (0:71) When a furre stays in the same square for 30 seconds,
    (0:73) When a furre doesn’t speak (or emote) for 30 seconds,
    (5:600) memorize that the PhoenixSpeak info {allowURLs} about the triggering furre will now be 1.

    (0:32) When a furre says something with {http://} in it,
    (0:32) When a furre says something with {www.} in it,
    (1:601) and the PhoenixSpeak info {allowURLs} about the triggering furre is not equal to 1,
    (5:200) emit message {Recent visitors may not post URLs.} to the triggering furre.
    (5:78) eject the triggering furre.

    Unfortunately, it relies on the visitor not talking or not walking for 30 seconds, instead of just being in the dream for 30 seconds. I couldn’t come up with a way to do the latter with the currently available DS and PS commands.

    If you want to stop people from spamming after the 30 seconds are up, you could just reset the variable and restart the timer whenever they said a URL.

    As for the actual poll question (if extra precautions like this are necessary), I don’t know in this particular case because I haven’t been to that dream in over a year. It could be that spammers like this are a real problem there, but I’m sort of skeptical.

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