What's that, Furcadia?


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Ever just been sitting there minding your own business?

If not, you’re probably doing something wrong.

Most of us, however, do sit around chatting with friends about stuff that interests us when:


This attack leaves you reeling at first. You’re thinking to yourself, “What the hell? Did Furcadia implement a combat system? Was I just hit by a random Monster that suddenly appeared like in Final Fantasy?”

No, my dear readers, that is not what has happened.

You’ve been subjected to a beggar.

Beggars, insofar as Furcadia is concerned, are people that go around asking others to buy them Furcadia related items; give them Dragon Scales or the like. A lot of times these people will whisper-spam a large group of people.

Over the past few years, (and specifically around heavily-promoted Digo-related seasons,) the beggars fire up their words and put on their best sob-stories. This seems particularly dense around Naia Green, The forums, and AI.

Things they look for?

People who have Digos are their primary target. They’re hoping that you’ll “Share The wealth” as it were. The same goes for people who give out a lot of digos to people randomly; they’re hoping that you’ll be ‘nice’ and give them one.

What can you do about it?

The thing is, these are usually young kids. (Or people pretending to be young kids.) Giving in to their wishes doesn’t help the matter. They go away temporarily, but they’ll tell their friends, and they’ll all start asking you for free handouts.

Don’t stop buying Digos, that’s just denying yourself a treat. If/when they ask, refer them to this article. If you want Digos, work to get them yourselves. Dream contests, patchwork, dreamweaving and the like are all good ways to get Dragon Scales.

In fact, earning the Digos makes the Digo that much more special and that much more meaningful. If you beg for it, it won’t be as ‘special’ to you; you’ve basically gotten charity and hand-outs aren’t as nice as getting something you deserve.

If you don’t have any skills, develop some. You may find a way to make spare cash in real life. Speaking of cash…

If you’re under 18, and don’t make your own money, and your parents don’t give you money, then it’s understandable to be upset. But that doesn’t mean you should beg, (Or demand) that other people give you their hard earned money. Digos are nice, but they aren’t necessary for playing Furcadia.

Trying to take advantage of people who have been nice and handed out lots of digos to other people is a bit rude. You shouldn’t demand ‘presents’ of someone who hasn’t decided to give you one. The more you ask, the less likely you are to receive from someone who does that.

All in all, show some decorum and don’t beg for things you can get on your own.

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