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Press Release: Kiwi Raffle!

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SnowyThing.com has released the following statment to the public:

Raffle Open, for Early-Bird Entries
Early-Bird Start: Dec. 18, 2007
Official Raffle Start: January 1st, 2008
Raffle Close: March 1st, 2008
Raffle Draw: March 7th, 2008
How to Enter:
It costs 1 GD for one entry! 3 GD for 5 entries!
Whisper me on Furcadia and tell me you’d like to enter, or send me an email!
My email address is listed below. We will arrange a trading session for your GD!

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Early-Bird, since many elections, draws, ect. have early ballots to cast your vote or entry. Some people who want to enter in this raffle may not be able to do so around the Xmas holidays or shortly after New Years.
Early-Bird entries, and all entries will be put in a physical notepad with your name and how much GD you have put down. It will not be stored on a computer, as sometimes computers crash and I don’t want the information lost. The choice on having a physical (real) booklet to store this information is wise.
It will be kept in a very safe place when I am not writing in it.
Also, a copy will be made with my photocopier.
Starting today, December 18th 2007 the Early-Bird part of this raffle begins!
The raffle will end MARCH 1st to give everyone time to have a chance to hear about the raffle and enter, or gather up some GD!
What is going to be in this raffle?
Why, I’ll tell you!
One of the fabled KIWI FOR LIFE avatars!
This is for the popular online game Furcadia!
You can visit the Thank-You page for the Furcadia Life items do you can see that I do indeed have a Life Kiwi!
I have a very good reputation on Furcadia regarding fairness and honesty when it comes to Digo Market items, ect!
Here are some people you can contact in-game Furcadia for a:
Some of the basic rules and ways you can enter this raffle are:
(ways to contact me & meet me are at the bottom of this page)

1 GD or $1 gets you one ticket
(I’ve talked to alot of people, and they all think 1 GD to enter to win an item that’s worth over $300 is extremely fair)
I may accept PayPal from certain people.

Also, like I’ve seen on the forums. Putting things on “Hold” doesn’t work here as there is nothing to be put on hold. I can’t enter you without the GD that you are entering with.

Package ticket sales
(something like 3 GD gets you 5 tickets, for example. Ask me!)

I -might- put a limit on the amount of times one person can enter
(but this one rule will probably be scrapped. since real life raffles typically have no limit)

There will be some kind of prizes for the 2nd and 3rd place winners
(2nd and 3rd will be chosen as the 2nd and 3rd names drawn)

The raffle will be 100% legitimate and honest.
When you enter, your name will be written down on a small piece of paper, folded, and thrown into a hat or a jar. Preferable a jar with a lid!
However many times you enter, your name will be in the jar that many times! Enter 100 times, your name will be in there 100 times!
The drawing will be done only once on the date decided.
If you cannot be contacted via Email, Messaging service, or in Furcadia within a reasonable time-frame (a week) a second drawing will be made.

To enter, I think the best way would be a secure trade with me instead of doing anonymous gifting with GD.
For example, when you start the secure trade make sure that I’m not AFK or something. Also in the trade reason or in a whisper before or after, include your email address, instant messaging name, ect.
That way I’ll have sufficient information in how to contact you if you win.
Entering will only be allowed in GD. I don’t need alts. I don’t need wings or expiring digos. But if you are a really REALLY good artist. I mean so good that you don’t take comissions anymore because you’re so busy, I’ll consider it.

Some basic regulations, and what you should know:
This is a raffle. Just like any draw, or lottery that you enter. When you put money down, you don’t get it back if you don’t win. I’ve read a few forum posts on draws and raffles other folks have done in the past and many people are confused about the money part, or think that it might be a scam. I’ve listed many people that I have dealt with recently that will give you a recommendation on me. I’ve been on Furcadia for over 7 years, and traded/sold items to people on here a whole lot. I have also been buying and selling on eBay for over 7 years as well with 99% positive feedback and almost 500 unique people leaving the feedback. This will be a fair raffle. Like I said above, only one name will be drawn after the paper with peoples names have been mixed so they aren’t all in one large cluster of the same name.
For people entering with many of their alts; there isn’t any way I can know you are doing this. But to make it fair, please only use one of your characters instead of dozens of different alts. You can always trade the Life Kiwi later to a different alt.

Best Times to get me in Furcadia

1pm FST – 8pm FST &
11pm FST – 4am FST

Sunday & Monday:
11pm FST – 4am FST

Check back soon for more info!

Questions? Comments? Something I didn’t cover?
Contact me in-game as: SnowyThing
… or email me at: admin AT snowything DOT com

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